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1. 2012 PPRL Program Review -
2. A Multi-Country Study on the Effects and Political Acceptability of a Post Training Service for the Medical Profession  -


A Study on the Cost Effectiveness of Using PHIC ID Card Instead of Registration at Point of Care Using the Computerized PHIC Mmembership Database in Health Facilities  -
4. A Study on the Political Acceptability and Feasibility of Renationalizing Health Services in the Country -
5. Actual OOP of HHs -
6. Additional Support to YAFS 4 -
7. An Assessment of the Current Status of the Post Graduate Residency on Family Medicine in All DOH-Retained Hospitals -
8. An Assessment of the Existing Social Health Insurance Benefit Coverage Across PHIC Sectors in the Philippines -
9. Assessment of AntiCA of Dendritic Cell Vaccine in Lung CA Patients -
10. Budget and Utilization  Review of DOH Hospitals -
11. CA Registry in the Philippines -
12. Client Satisfaction Study -
13. Cost Effectiveness of BOQ Mobile Education -
14. Determination of Rural Retention of HRH under DOH Deployment Program -
15. Development of Monitoring and Evaluation for DOH -
16. DOH Health System Shapers -
17. Effectiveness of Case Rate and Zero Balance Billing Policies -
18. Evaluation of Current Primary Health Care System -
19. Evaluation of Health Promotion Interventions in Different Settings -
20. Evaluation of Patient Safety in Hospitals 1 -
21. Health Seeking Behaviour of NHTS Poor Families -
22. Identification of High Technology/High Resources Conditions and Modes of Financing: Z Benefit Package/Catastrophic Conditions  -
23. Impact Evaluation and Monitoring of Cheaper Medicines Act of 2008 -
24. Impact of Generic Outlets to Medicine Access in the Philippines -
25. Infection Control Program Study -
26. Inventory of Health Workers in the Philippines by Profession, Geographical Distribution, Specialization and Impact on Equity in Access to Services -
27. KP Dashboard External Validation  -
28. KP Operations Monitoring -
29. Mid Year Evaluation of HFEP -
30. Mid-Year Evaluation of Attainment of MDGs -
31. Migration Health Study (IOM) -
32. National Baseline Study-Violence Against Children -
33. National HIV STI Strategic Surveillance System Encoding and Analysis -
34. National HIV-STI Strategic Surveillance Among Female Sex Workers -
35. National Survey on Health Needs and Services Provided for the Elderly -
36. NDHRHIS-Based Data Collection System to Generate Current HRH Complementation Within a Defined Geographical Zones (Provincial and Regional) -
37. Policy Research on Allocation of High Technology Equipment in Public Health Sector -
38. Primary Health Care System Models -
39. Program Evaluation of HEMS -
40. Research Grants for Post Graduate Thesis/Research Projects -
41. Research Implementation on Sub Dermal Implants for FP -
42. Small Area Estimates of MMR for Priority Areas -
43. Status of Health Facilities Upgraded via HFEP -
44. Study on Health Conditions and Health Externality Cost For Areas With Large Scale, Small Scale and/or Unregulated Mining  -
45. Study on the Effects of Livelihood Program on the Overall Functioning of Recovering Individuals With Chronic Illnesses In Camiguin Province -
46. Study on the Level of Death Registrition by Area and Sector -
47. Utilization of HHs Receiving Premiums -
48. Who Pays For What. -



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